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The Astraco Group offers Commercial and financial solutions in wide variety of areas on a national and regional basis. With an annual business turnover of over 32 million USD, Astraco Group is owned by Koortrade International (1993) Ltd., a subsidiary of one of Israel's leading public investment holding companies.
In the course of over four decades, since its establishment in the nineteen sixties, Astraco has acquired unique contacts and extensive marketing capabilities in Thailand and the region. Our location at one of Asia's major hubs enables close contact and customer support all over Thailand in addition to accessibility to neighboring countries.
Astraco's experienced marketing staff and well-trained technicians provide sales and post-sales services as well as technical support. Due to the employment of a skilled and experienced workforce, the group has acquired a sterling reputation and intimate knowledge of business opportunities, enabling it to provide unique integrative solutons combining financial and incorporation aspects with post-sales services.

Kootrade International (1993) Ltd. was established in 1960 as a fully owned subsidiary of koor Industries Ltd., one of Israel's largest industrial groups. Koor Industries' securities are trade on both the New York and Tel Aviv Stock Exchanges.

Our parent company invests in a wide range of reas including telecommunications, agrochemicals, electronic defense, and more.

Astraco Thailand is registered under Thai law and has local shareholders who have been supporting the company for many years.

Products and Services
The Astraco Group is involved in a wide range of marketing activities in many areas including agrochmicals, fertilizers, irrigation systems, hitech medical equipment, telecommunications and satellite communications.Commercial activity includes contacts with overseas suppliers, practical integration of newly acquired products, and turnkey project for our customers.
The Group's Diversified Dealings Include :
Marketing fertilizers and agricutural crop protection materials;
Marketing and implementation of irrigation projects and products;
Water resources and environmental management;
Marketing medical products, particularly laser equipment and redering ongoing professional service;
Implementing telecommunication projects and marketing various telecommunication product;
Marketing consumer and industry-related products;
Marketing innovative, cutting-edge technologies in various areas;
Providing security services for the private, business and institutional sectors;
Offering advanced solutions in the deferense and military areas;
Providing financial solutions and monetary support for clients;
Counter-trade from Thailand.

Maketing Policy
Astraco offers a hands-on marketing policy provided by a well-trained and skilled staff. Astraco believes that the key to commercial success in Thailand lies in maintaining extensive familiarity with the Thai culture while simultaneously monitoring local and regional developments. The combination of these two principles enables us to offer our customers optimal results.

The Astraco Group offers an unbeatable combination of an experienced sales team, outstanding technical support and an operational staff familiar with both Thai tradition and local economic aspects.

This invaluable familiarity with local business opportunities, when combined with the group's financial strength, enables the provision of monetary support to clients, which facilitates the implementation of large project, resulting in a marked in crease in sales.